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What is Industrial Style Furniture?

industrial-style-furniture-element-one-houseYears ago, furniture at was placed anywhere but a home, say in an office or factory, served a purely functional purpose.

 None of it was created for comfort or style, but instead only if it fulfilled a practical need.

Industrial furniture refers to any furniture that has been created with an industrial function in mind behind the design.

It uses the history of buildings and the previous functions of the furniture within as inspiration for newer, more comfort-focused, modern designs.


So, how do I find Industrial Style Furniture?

If you want to create it at home, look around your town or city for inspiration and focus on the older buildings you find. Pay close attention to the layout of the rooms within these buildings and any distinctive features such as exposed pipes, untreated surfaces and bare lighting elements.

Industrial furniture is often not used for its original purpose. For example, a work bench which was originally created for mending broken parts might be re-used as an Industrial style coffee table.

Alternatively, elements of a piece of furniture, such as a shelving unit for factory boxes, might be broken down and re-used to create an industrial style bookcase or side table.


Is it Modern or Rustic?

Industrial style is all about how history meets modern style – whether that’s a polished contemporary combination or something more rustic.

With both styles, you are still looking for clean shapes and lines. Modern influenced styles will have more monochrome colours and glass finishes, while rustic/industrial styles will lean towards untreated wood and copper piping.


What are the main elements of Industrial style?

With any industrial look for your home, you want to focus on the bare bones of design. Industrial style exposes everything and shows all the materials used to create each room.

Industrial furniture is mostly made of our what is referred to as ‘raw’ materials. Untreated wood and stone are particularly popular, but you will also find lots of pieces made from unpolished metal, glass and concrete.

Following on from that, industrial style is all about exposes the mechanics underneath our every day. It’s all about exposing the functional inner workings of your home – pipes, bricks, electrics – and utilising them as design features.



Bold shapes and colours

No matter whether you go for a pure industrial style, or choose to combine it with another, you will still want to include the main elements, which also includes bold shapes and colours.

Take inspiration from graffiti and pop art when decorating and use them sparingly. The natural materials of your room, such as exposed brick walls, are the decorative elements of the room and shouldn’t be covered up.

However, a sporadic piece of art here and there can add some much-needed colour.



The industrial look is all about minimal details, peeling back the cover and showing the underneath. What you don’t want is for that to turn into a mess. Look for ways to de-clutter and keep surfaces clear.

Large storage pieces and shelving are ideal for the industrial look, as they can fit in with your aesthetic on the outside, whilst keeping your belongings out of the way inside.



One distinctive aspect of industrial furniture is how it often looks at home outdoors and well as in.

If you really want a unique industrial style in your home, look for ways to incorporate outside elements inside, such as natural wood or stone features.

This gives you a chance to really embrace the DIY element of Industrial style. You can combine unique pieces of Industrial furniture with these do-it-yourself touches to create truly unique looks for your home.