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Interior Design Trends 2017

Interior Design Trends 2017: With Jordana Ashkenazielement-one-house-dark-green-trend

Spring is here and, for many people, it is time to start thinking about redecorating.

We asked TV presenter and interior stylist Jordana Ashkenazi, co-founder of Element One House, to offer her advice for design trends in 2017.


Let’s start simple – what are the big colour trends for next year?


Jordana: First up, there’s dark green. Green isn’t the colour most people think of when imaging a room design, but these rich shades go to show just how impressive this colour can be.

Jewels-inspired colours are also going to be a hot topic next year. Rose quartz, pearl, opal, anything that has a dazzling stone-like quality is going to start appearing on furnishings, walls and furniture.


Are these colours going to be part of any new themes coming up in 2017?


Jordana: Definitely. The dark green shades are sure to pop up in 2017’s Earthy Tones theme. Along with layering of elements and wood and glass furniture, colours like green, brown, sand, stone and saffron are going to feature heavily.

You’ll most likely find the jewel colours in Vintage Modern designs in 2017. Vintage Modern will be all about making modern pieces look vintage. Furniture will have a worn and unfinished look to it, and finishes such as pearl or opal will really fit in with the vintage theme.


What about those who prefer a simpler look?


Jordana: Fans of minimalistic design won’t be left out in 2017. Chrome, brass and copper will be top of the list for anyone looking to create a metal-inspired look; something i think look particularly good in an Industrial style dining room, coupled with sleek black and greys.

Lighting will be the main feature here. It’s all about creating depth and contrast with your lighting fixtures and letting the neutral colours of your room take a back seat to your furnishings.



Vintage styles have seen a rise in popularity during 2016. Anything new here for 2017?



Jordana: Vintage style has such a wide scope; I think we’ve only scraped the surface in 2016. For me, the main focus is going to be on upholstered headboards making a comeback.

Back in the 80s, these were everywhere but soon became dull and uninspiring. Thankfully, modern designers are injecting some life back into them!

I’m really happy with this development as they make a great addition to your bedroom, offering both comfort as style. Plus, there are so many new designs and fabric combinations in the works for 2017.


Are there any new trends coming that surprised you?


Jordana: I have to admit I was surprised to see cork on the list for next year’s trends but I’m so pleased with what I’m seeing.

Not only is it a really practical choice for urban homes, as it helps to absorb noise, but it makes for a great feature wall. Because of its practical uses for pinning up notes, designs or pictures, it is a fantastic choice for those looking to create a unique and functional home office.


Feeling inspired? Element One House has a wide choice of designs and unique pieces, including Industrial style furniture, perfect for your 2017 makeover!